Anechoic - Hyperspectral



1. Psychic Fragments
2. Bio Sentinel
3. Elipsoidal Variations
4. Hyperspectral Imaging
5. In Conjunction With After Life


Paris-based artist Anechoic’s debut EP on Konsequent is an intense psychedelic journey through his world of textures.
Anechoic creates the perfect depth and tension, through simplicity and sound design, piercing through your head to the dance floor.

Oliver Rosemann - The Architect



1. Messproblem
2. Nylon
3. Frequensequence
4. Newton
5. Thunder
6. Orbit
7. Verschränkung
8. Newtron
9. Brud
10. Neuro Taransia


Since the mid-90s Leipzig based Oliver Rosemann, has been playing all over the German techno scene, or releasing his own blend of dark, hypnotic techno on labels such as MindTrip, Mord PoleGroup or Konsequent Records. With this album, he dives again into a world of dark soundscapes, creating a multi-layered techno experience with irrepressible energy. “The Architect” is an uncompromising statement over 10 tracks, resulting in an intense journey through the variety of genres that are at the core of Rosemann’s musical background – fused together into something that both reminds us of where techno came from and gives us an idea of where it might be headed next.

Bastian Balders - Raja



1. Raja
2. Gestank
3. Karhu


Bastian Balders is back with another hypnotic minimal journey through the dark realms of techno – building up the tracks masterfully just enough to keep the energy kicking.

Oliver rosemann - Remixes



1 – Frequensequence (Alexander Kowalski & Mario Berger Remix)
2 – Messproblem (Maral Salmassi Remix)
3 – Nylon (Zadig Remix)
4 – Newton (Sleeparchive Remix)


This versatile remix package is a single from the upcoming Rosemann Album “The Architect”- feat. four remixes by Alexander Kowalski and Mario Berger Maral Salmassi, Zadig and Sleeparchive.

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V/A - Surculus



1. Oliver Rosemann – Monton
2. Juras Lietus – YYYY
3. The Black Chamber – Jam
4. Anechoic – Arp148
5. Oliver Rosemann – Rubber


This five-track compilation presents different facets of techno showcasing what Konsequent Records is about – featuring The Black Chamber which is Alexander Kowalski’s raging acid project, the Russian artist Juras Lietus aka. Anton Kubikov who is half of SCSI-9, sound design and texture master Oliver Rosemann and Parisian modular sound architect Anechoic.

Each track feels individual – compiled as a multifarious dance-floor experience.

Deano - Double Take



A1. Delayed Reaction
A2. Double Take
B1. Double Take (Yant Remix)
B2. Synomatic
B3. I_O

South African producer Deano is back with an impressive six-track EP – feat. five original tracks and a masterfully crafted Yant remix.

This is a hypnotic Sci-Fi jam, with the right amount of energy to rock techno’s biggest dance floors.

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