Oliver Rosemann - Grieß



A1. Grieß
A2. Energie
B1. Resonanz
B2. Drall


Berlin-based German artist Oliver Rosemann’s debut EP on Konsequent is a massive in-your-face 4-track dance-floor commander. Conceptually brilliant in its simplicity and sound design, it keeps the high voltage energy going through the expert use of pounding drums, sawing synth lines, cascades of bells – swirling between analogue noise and razor-sharp hi-hats.

The dancer is reminded of some of the 90s Planetary Assault Systems, on Peacefrog nevertheless, this EP is a mighty laser sword of contemporary techno.


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The Black Chamber - Blackout



A1. Blackout 1
A2. Blackout 2
B1. Blackout 3
B2. Blackout 4

The Black Chamber is Alexander Kowalski’s acid project, debuted over a decade ago on Heiko Laux’s acid imprint U-Turn.
Now, after a long hiatus “The Black Chamber” is back with another acid-soaked release on Konsequent.

This 303-driven EP makes excellent use of texture and is soaked in a corrosive acid bath, violently whipping over the tight and forcefully leading kick, which is accompanied by rusty hi-hats, making the concept of less is more seem rather pretentious.

This release is unquestionably a brutal statement, and not for the faint-hearted.


Pre-Order the picture disc vinyl at Decks Records.

Bastian Balders - Jukka / Metar



A1. Jukka
A2. Jukka EMEX Remix B1. Metar
B2. Metar A. Mochi Remix

Leipzig based German artist Bastian Balders’ Konsequent debut is a four-track EP incl. two remixes by EMEX and A. Mochi, delivering a warm hypnotic journey through fluid grooves and synth motifs, to skillfully push you into a deep trance.


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Linear Straight - Roscosmos



1. Roscosmos
2. Neptun
3. Random Orientations
4. Ancient Flute
5. Rotational Velocity
6. Vegen
7. Polyot
8. Perseus Cluster
9. The Year Of The Dragon 10. Kristall
11. Vostok
12. Formalhaut


Since 2002 Brussels-based Glenn Keteleer, more recently known as Linear Straight, has been a regular fixture behind the decks all over the Belgian techno scene, and can often be found filling Berlin institutions such as Tresor and Griesmühle with his own particular brand of underground techno and dark soundscapes. As Radical G, Keteleer was at the forefront of the underground EBM and electropop scene, under his new Linear Straight alias, he dives into a world of dark spaces, leftfield modular techno and industrial soundscapes.