Bastian Balders - Nagev



A1. Nagev
A2. Nagev (Deano Remix)
B1. Saana
B2. Slamina

Here’s another masterly release by Leipzig based German artist Bastian Balders.

This four track EP contains a powerful remix by South African artist Deano and will take you on a hypnotic ride through fluid textures and galvanizing grooves.

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Oliver Rosemann - Grieß



A1. Grieß
A2. Energie
B1. Resonanz
B2. Drall

Berlin-based German artist Oliver Rosemann’s debut EP on Konsequent is a massive in-your-face 4-track dance-floor commander. Conceptually brilliant in its simplicity and sound design, it keeps the high voltage energy going through the expert use of pounding drums, sawing synth lines, cascades of bells – swirling between analog noise and razor-sharp hi-hats.

The dancer is reminded of some of the 90s Planetary Assault Systems, on Peacefrog nevertheless, this EP is a mighty laser sword of contemporary techno.


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The Black Chamber - Blackout



A1. Blackout 1
A2. Blackout 2
B1. Blackout 3
B2. Blackout 4

The Black Chamber is Alexander Kowalski’s acid project, debuted over a decade ago on Heiko Laux’s acid imprint U-Turn.
Now, after a long hiatus “The Black Chamber” is back with another acid-soaked release on Konsequent.

This 303-driven EP makes excellent use of texture and is soaked in a corrosive acid bath, violently whipping over the tight and forcefully leading kick, which is accompanied by rusty hi-hats, making the concept of less is more seem rather pretentious.

This release is unquestionably a brutal statement, and not for the faint-hearted.

Get the vinyl picture disc at Decks Records